Eidolon Profile 250C PRO

Eidolon Profile 250C PRO is an innovaƟve water-proof lighƟng fixture with a precise framing system, rich in mulƟ-in-one colour light type, uniform light mixing. The colour is changeable. Color temperature is 2700k-8000k precise adjustable. It is equipped with a high-quality opƟcal system, uniform spot and sharp imaging. With manual zoom, the focusing system is 20 ° to 40 ° and the angle posiƟoning is accurate. The flexible and integrated framing system cuts the light to frame some shapes to achieve the precise carving of the illuminated object. The framing belt is jammed, which can keep the framing shape unchanged for a long Ɵme. The dramaƟc dimming effect meets the strict demand of professional lighƟng. It contains rotaƟng paƩern disk, which can project abundant LOGO (The LOGO can be customized). The waterproof rate is IP65. This product is designed for corrugated building, plaque, sculpture, live performance, cultural and tourism markets, theme park and other places.



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