Eidolon Profile 150C

Eidolon Profile 150C is an outdoor image projecƟon fixture with a precise framing system. The waterproof rate is IP66. AdopƟng die-casƟng aluminium housing and air-cooled technology which to ensure the reliable stability of the fixture. It uses manual focus and zoom funcƟon, the degrees can be adjusted from 20-40 degrees. With the precision framing system, it can precisely frame the accurate shapes and the paƩern effect from running. The built-in
The OLED display screen is convenient for on-site control. It is mainly used in theme parks, entertainment, buildings and live performance. WƟh color
consistency system 3.0, the product can have 24 preset colours to make the color effect quickly and precise, also has CCT funcƟon from 1800k to 10000k,
to acheive different color temperature effect for clients.


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